• Health Future, LLC, headquartered in Southern Oregon, was founded in 1979 to develop and manage a variety of programs and services for its members and associates to address health care concerns. Today, Health Future, LLC is a unique healthcare consortium owned by Oregon hospitals and healthcare systems that operate as an integrated network for quality improvement, margin enhancement, and cost reduction.

  • Health Future is led by a strong team of professionals with a wealth of expertise, garnered from years of experience. The strength of our team is further enhanced by management and technical expertise in many supporting fields giving us a strong multidimensional understanding of the medical marketplace. Health Future’s structure for engagement with our member representatives builds a deep understanding of the challenges associated with healthcare delivery. This collaborative approach helps us maximize our collective resources to deliver outcomes supporting our members’ strategic priorities.

Our vision is clear:

Health Future will be recognized as the National Benchmark for regional hospital networks and alliances in cost savings and value for our membership.


Purchasing Program

Health Future’s Purchasing Program provides centralized administrative and management support for participating members. The primary objective of the Purchasing Program is to help reduce operation expenses through aggregated volume or improved outcomes. Additionally, Health Future promotes best practices through a variety of specialty councils, regional networking, and educational programs.