Company Profile

Health Future, LLC, headquartered in Southern Oregon, was founded in 1979 to develop and manage a variety of programs and services for its members to address health care concerns. Today, Health Future, LLC is a unique healthcare consortium owned by Oregon hospitals and health-care systems that operate as an integrated network for quality improvement, margin enhancement, and cost reduction.

Our vision is clear:

Health Future will be recognized as the National Benchmark for regional hospital networks and alliances in cost savings and value for our membership.

Our mission is simple:

To serve our healthcare membership with documented value through cost savings, shared learning, and improved quality of service.

Health Future embraces the following values for owners, staff, business partners, clients, community, and other stakeholders.

  • Ethics
    Health Future demonstrates integrity and respect in our actions and decisions.
  • Service
    Health Future understands and meets the needs of stakeholders through open communication and strategic planning.
  • Excellence/Quality
    Health Future consistently adopts and exemplifies best practices while demonstrating continuous improvement in the delivery of superior products/services with an emphasis on a client-centered approach.
  • Innovation
    Health Future provides an environment of empowerment for stakeholders that is flexible, encourages new ideas and thoughts, tolerates risks, and demonstrates a high regard for creativity and problem solving.
  • Sustainability
    Health Future promotes business decisions and activities, congruent with our mission, in order to meet the current and future needs of our stakeholders.